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Female Sasquatches Abduct Men for Intimacy

abduction sex kidnap

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Posted 25 April 2015 - 02:54 AM

There are numerous reports of male sasquatches abducting women for intimate relations and to eat, but there are also reports of female sasquatches abducting men for the purpose of intimacy.



David Paulides wrote about a railroad worker who was kidnapped by a female bigfoot and placed in a pit; had his hands and the bottom of his feet licked raw to where there was no skin so he couldn’t escape. He was then forced to have sex with her. He was discovered about a month after his disappearance and died a short time later. Lots of native American stories about males taking young women so the reverse is not out of the question.





There is a man in British Colombia, a trapper who lives way out in the woods whom has supposedly totally habituated some Bigfoots. He’s more or less living with them in a sense. He sees them every single day.  Like Albert Ostman, he was kidnapped at one time for breeding purposes in British Colombia.  The trapper told the tale of the time he got kidnapped by Bigfoots.   The guy said a Bigfoot kidnapped him and took him back to a cave where the Bigfoots were living and tried to force the guy to have sex with a female Bigfoot!  This is just like the Albert Ostman story, no?  So it looks like maybe Bigfoots do kidnap humans sometimes for breeding purposes.  Albert Ostman believed he was kidnapped to be a mate to a young female sasquatch.



Here's a link to a story about a Russian Almas (bigfoot) that attempted to seduce a man she saw swimming naked in a river, but the man escaped with the aid of another person.




Here's a link to a story about a backpacker who believes a female sasquatch attempted to kidnap him in 2005.  She approached him three different times but he was able to ward her off each time by firing his pistol into trees.  He did not shoot at the sasquatch.



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