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The Squatchmaster (Jeff Patterson) Multiple Hoaxes

Squatchmaster hoax hoaxer

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Posted 01 April 2015 - 11:57 PM



The Squatchmaster  (Jeff Patterson) who has made several bigfoot videos is a previously busted hoaxer.  When his stuff gets busted he pulls the videos down.  One of his hoaxes is claiming to get bigfoot speech on a recorder he left out, but it turned out to be human speech played backwards.
He also doesn't believe bigfoot is real according to this statement he made on social media, "truth be told, the bigfoot is nothing but legend.  It is a mythical creature of old Indian legend.  Anyone that believes in such a creature is only lying to themselves."
Thanks to Randy Filipovic for the following article I linked to below about the Squatchmaster.  It includes the sasquatch speech (really human speech played backwards).
Below is Squatchmaster's latest video.  He claims while filming one sasquatch another sasquatch came up behind him and knocked him to the ground.  I looked at the video. It reminds me of the Blair Witch Project, and the supposed sasquatch in view is at the extreme end of what is termed a "blob squatch."
It looks like nothing more than shadows in the woods. The video tries to claim the object has movement, but the cell phone video is so poor that as he pans the woods all the stationary objects are changing. Showing two screen shots with the pixels slightly different is deceptive, and whoever tries to say it shows movement either knows better or is really dumb.  Obviously with the Squatchmaster it is the former.  At the 7:05 minute mark of the video he circles four small objects next to his blob squatch and says they are four little ones -- quite a litter.
Also, the guy falls down after supposedly being knocked to the ground by a sasquatch while filming the other ones.  And you can see the camera moving some while he's on the ground, which means he has the camera in his hand, but he doesn't swing the camera around toward the direction of whatever knocked him over.  The highest praise for this nonsense is to call it comic relief.

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