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Colorado Police Threaten to Prosecute anyone Shooting a Sasquatch

Colorado shoot kill

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#1 jayjeti



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Posted 28 March 2015 - 05:53 PM

Due to a recent renewed buzz in the sasquatch community about an alleged sasquatch photographed running in a field near Silverton, Colorado, and a group speaking of hunting down the creature to kill it, local law enforcement has said they will prosecute anyone who shoots one.  Below is a link to an article in the Durango Herold newspaper with a promise from local law enforcement to throw the book at them.








Pictured above is a close-up of what some believe to be sasquatch seen from across the Animas River from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad back in 2008.  A podcast that aired in March 2015 about this photo revived speculation and conversation about this creature.



#2 SRA-Todd



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Posted 29 March 2015 - 03:03 PM

Hmmm, undecided on this one. I can see what Phil Poling said about it looking like a kid in a hoodie carrying a snowboard, but in looking at the trailing leg shin angle, it does appear to be more in line with ThinkerThunkers analysis.  Too bad there isn't a comparison shot showing how tall that is.  


50/50 on this one.

#3 jayjeti



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Posted 29 March 2015 - 05:49 PM

Yes, there is noting for comparison to size, and its too bad there was no second photo.


Phil Poling doesn't explain why he says it looks like a kid wearing a hoodie and sneakers carrying a snowboard or skateboard; he just says it looks like that to him.  The alledged snowboard or skateboard looks too much like the white snow on the bushes where we see it at the base of the bushes, and I think it is snow on the ground.  


The only option if it is a kid carrying a board would be a misidentification, not an intentional fake, since If someone is going to fake an obviously hairy looking person from head to toe why carry a snow or skateboard, which looks too thin to be a snowboard anyway, while running along.  


Poling mainly only does breakdowns to call videos/photos into question, and I've found he's not inclusive of certain things that would go against his negative analysis, an analysis he always delivers in a sarcastic tone.  In other words I don't regard Poling as an unbiased reviewer.  


Humans generally bend their arms more when running.  What we have is a single photo and its impossible to rule it is a sasquatch, but I don't see anything that says it can't be.  Although I don't understand why there would not be a second photo.  The subject should have been in view for a number of seconds longer.


Here is Poling's breaddown:


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