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Posted 07 April 2013 - 05:42 PM

Guidelines for Posting and Commenting on the SRA Site
(Or, How to Avoid Getting Kicked Out for Being a Jerk)


We’ve spent a lot of time on the internet over the past few years, discussing the merits of this or that squatch theory, photo, video, audio, etc…  One thing that we all noted is that in certain places there is a very grievous lack of civility. A few forums do a fairly good job of keeping the lid on this sort of thing, but pretty much everywhere else we’ve been has seemed to be a free-for-all.


That is not going to happen here!


We expect everyone who uses this site to behave toward each other as if you were face to face.  Let’s put it this way: I’m six-foot-three, 260 lbs., and it’s not all fat.  If you wouldn’t say it to my face, don’t say it to anyone here. That is why everyone who posts here has to register with us, so at least the administrators know who you are in real life.


That said, we aren’t looking for you to not critique the items and opinions posted here, quite the contrary.  We are looking for constructive, non-emotional, non-inflammatory, and non-insulting comments and critiques to help us to ferret through the evidence and theories so that we can use the information we gather to advance our research and get better at what we do.


Guidelines for posting:

  • No insults or derogatory statements. Critique the substance not the person. Do not get personal with your comments.  If something angers you, walk away and wait until you have cooled down so you can reply civilly.
  • No bad mouthing other organizations and institutions. You can discuss legitimate news articles about other groups, but don’t come on here expecting to dis other groups like the BFRO or Cryptomundo just because you don’t like them.
  • Back-up your statements.  For instance, don’t ever post “It’s a hoax.”  What good does that do anyone?  It just angers those who made it and/or disagree with you.  You can say something like, “I personally think that it may be a hoax because at 3:43 you can clearly see that the arm fails to bend right.  Because of this I think the arms have been artificially lengthened.”  Criticism like the latter is great.  We can all go look and see exactly why you are rejecting the evidence and can then discuss your conclusions. The former response gets us nowhere.  I know some people claim that they don’t have time to formulate a full answer—that’s fine, so don’t post until you do; it’s that simple.
  • Keep to the topic at hand.  Do not enter into a discussion and derail it into something else.  If you have something else you want to discuss, start a new topic.
  • Do not use the SRA site to promote your private enterprise, to solicit our members, or to proselytize for your cause.

We are going to enforce these rules with a three strikes and you are out policy.  The first offense will be met with a private warning from the admins and the offending comment will be removed.  On the second offense, you will receive both a private and public warning and the offending comment will be removed.  On the third offense, you will be removed from the site and placed on the SRA black list of people not allowed on the site or on expeditions. Members thus banned are not entitled to a refund of their dues.


If you feel that you have been inappropriately targeted, please PM or e-mail SRA-Andy, SRA-Jim, or SRA-Kris and we will discuss your case. Everyone makes mistakes in the heat of the moment and a heartfelt apology goes a long way. Members who have received one or two strikes will have a strike removed for each year that they go without another incident.

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