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Chinese Boy Who Sees in the Dark?

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Posted 20 February 2015 - 08:25 PM

Here's the story, you may have seen it...


There are a lot debunking out there for this story...
Most of them are based on some problems with the original story.
The reporter wasn't able to show the reported eyeshine. Its obvious why,
the angle was too wide between the light and the camera. The purported 
geneticist said there would have to be too many mutations for this to
occur therefore the story must be a hoax. Sound familiar?
There is another website that has other pictures showing eyeshine 
for this boy:


I can understand the skepticism. My willingness to accept the story is because

I already accept that there ARE humanoids who can see in the dark.

I suspect that night vision more than hair separates us from the Forest People.


Is it possible that there aren't lots of mutations needed to allow us to see

in the dark.  Is it possible the mother had sex with a Yeren/Alma and didn't

tell the "father"? If so, he didn't get the blighted genetics of this man.



Years ago, I saw a picture of an Indian women who was purported

to be half Sasquatch. She was rather tall and heavy with coarse features

and rather retarded.

It would be easy to lose the good genetics from both sides resulting in a poor adaptation.


Imagine if you could see very well in the dark. I grew up in the country, playing Indian etc

. I would have  spent a LOT of time in the woods at night. I would have read after lights out  :ph34r:

I would have been a culture all to my self. The dogs would have loved me! In a Hunter-Gatherer

culture, this mutation would likely persist.


The point I'm implying is a deep and wide cultural divide would quickly open up between

those who could see at night and those who can't.


I stuck this in theories, because I thought the night vision thing needed discussion. i

put the videos up to stimulate...

Moderater might want it in Web gems...

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Posted 23 February 2015 - 09:26 AM

The point I'm implying is a deep and wide cultural divide would quickly open up between those who could see at night and those who can't.


That is a very interesting thought. 

Don't Believe, Know.

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