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Tribal Bigfoot

2013 april

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Tribal Bigfoot
(Linda BookLady), 
HubPages AuthorApril 18, 2013

Tribal Bigfoot - a book that gets you thinking about who or what Bigfoot really is!


David Paulides is the author of books about Bigfoot. His second book, Tribal Bigfoot, contains fascinating Bigfoot encounter stories written in a thorough investigative style. The stories are mainly from California with a few outstanding Bigfoot reports from other states.


Tribal Bigfoot also features amazing Bigfoot sketches of professional forensic artist, Harvey Pratt. His art was originally seen in Paulides' first Bigfoot book, The Hoopa Project. Harvey Pratt listens to people describe the creatures they saw and then sketches what he hears, producing some of the best images, most of which do not at all resemble the Bigfoot in the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot movie.


I met David Paulides only once. He was in my hometown of Happy Camp, California, to interview people for his book, and decided to eat at the restaurant where I was working. He handed me his business card, asking if I'd had any Bigfoot sightings, and I introduced myself as the owner of the Bigfoot Sightings website.


Honestly, I wasn't impressed with what he wrote about sightings in my area. If he'd asked for my help, I could have introduced him to some people with much more believable and intriguing sighting accounts. However, he didn't, and when the book came out I was disappointed with the Happy Camp section of the book.


The rest of the book was great, however. I enjoyed reading it and was fascinated with several of the accounts that stay in my memory and give me reasons to still believe in Bigfoot.


Image above: The cover of the book, Tribal Bigfoot.


This page was made by Linda Jo Martin, author of River Girl and owner of LJ Martin Web (my small business).

You can connect with me on Google Plus.

I'm also on Pinterest and Goodreads.

David Paulides


Author of Tribal Bigfoot and The Hoopa Project


David Paulides is an investigator and field researcher for the North American Bigfoot Search.


He's a former law enforcement investigator turned Bigfoot researcher who writes and investigates like a professional patrolman, but who has chosen a topic many would classify as paranormal.


He manages to capture the trust of those he contacts and they open up to him about Bigfoot encounters they've had, as they would open up to very few others, especially those outside their family circles.


He's been a controversial figure in Bigfoot research. Naturally some of the long-time researchers may have felt some jealousy because of Paulides' rapid success. It is a fact of Bigfoot research that researcher egos get in the way and cause problems. Just ask anyone who's been around the Bigfoot research "community" any length of time.


For example, I first heard about Dave in 2005 when I was heading to Weaverville, CA, with two other well-known Bigfoot researchers. One of them mentioned that he'd heard about a researcher living in Hoopa, and the other said he had no interest in him and that he'd never amount to much.


As time has shown, Paulides has achieved quite a bit - publishing four books so far... while the researcher who made that comment has slipped from infamy to obscurity after being the victim of several nationally-know hoaxes.

Harvey Pratt


Forensic artist bringing Bigfoot sightings to the printed page


Harvey Pratt is a professional forensic artist living in Oklahoma, a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. He is a Master Native American Artist, an inductee to the Southern Cheyenne Chief's Lodge, and a forensic artist since 1968 with more than forty years law enforcement experience.

Tribal Bigfoot - where to find the book - by David Paulides with sketches by Harvey Pratt

You can get the book through Amazon (see link below) or buy it from your local bookstore, if they have it available.

Comments on the chapters - These reviews are being written during the month of September 2009
Your opinions on the book - Write a review, or add a comment:

What did you think?

The Hoopa Project - ...Bigfoot sightings in Hoopa Valley

David Paulides' first book brought to light numerous Bigfoot sightings that have been taking place in the Hoopa Valley area, just a few miles south of Bluff Creek where the famous Patterson-Gimlin movie was filmed.

David Paulides' official site - ...be sure to visit him online!

When you're done reading about Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides, you might like to check out another great book about Bigfoot: Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence by Dr. Grover S. Krantz.

Let me know what you think about David Paulides, his books, and Bigfoot research in general.

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