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Fisherman Says He Saw Bigfoot Bathing ... And He Sent Us A Picture!

2014 December Florida

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#1 SRA Kristie

SRA Kristie

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 01:11 PM

Original link:






Huffingfot Post http://www.huffingto...kusaolp00000592

#2 jayjeti



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Posted 04 January 2015 - 02:25 PM

The white skunk stripe is a nice touch for a skunk ape.  This hoaxer evidently wanted people to see it was fake, photoshopping or just dying a white skunk stripe onto a skunk ape prop would seem like it was done as a parody. but John Rodriguez, who claims he took the photo, says it is legit.


"The article concludes, "Par for the course, these stories produce strong opposing points of view. And still, one clear photograph of something that may or may not be a real Bigfoot is not definitive proof that the creature exists, the way DNA evidence -- or an actual body -- would be.   We still, apparently, don't have either of those things yet."




The Huffington Post writer is writing from assumptions.  There is actually DNA evidence through Dr. Ketchum and others showing a hominid that matches most of human's DNA, but has some unknown DNA.  But without a type species mainstream science cannot link the unknown genes to anything, and therefore DNA alone cannot be used to verify sasquatch's existence.


Also, there have been many bone finds, but those invariably get classified as human because science knows of no other North American humans to attach it to except Native Americans.  Here is an article on that subject.



#3 SRA-Todd



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Posted 04 January 2015 - 07:33 PM

I've never used Photoshop and have no idea what is and what isn't, but others who do have experience with that software are claiming it does show evidence of manipulation.  It would be cool if it were real, but doesn't look like that is the case in this instance.

#4 jayjeti



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Posted 04 January 2015 - 09:39 PM

I have no expertise in photoshop either, and it might just be a prop that is not photoshopped.  In answer to it being photoshopped the obvious hoaxer states this, ""I did not Photoshop this at all. Believe me or not," Rodriguez said. "When I plug in my memory card, it asks to import and opens in Photoshop. I just changed the name and saved. It seems like people get publicly crucified for coming forward with this kind of stuff."




So, the hoaxer talks about having a photoshop program and when downloading pictures it automatically opens in photoshop, like that somehow explains how someone could wrongly believe it is a photoshopped image.  It sounds like he's banking on some people who are unfamiliar with photohopping will think that simply opening a file in photoshop could somehow lead  some to believe it was photoshopped.  It's deceptive.


It's obvious by looking at the face, with the gorilla like nose that sasquatches don't have, and the Pepe Le Pew white skunk stripe that skunk apes don't actually have, and the hair that looks like the lent that my clothes dryer filter, that it doesn't get more fake than this.

#5 jayjeti



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Posted 18 February 2015 - 07:57 PM

Justin Arnold, a taxidermist and bigfoot mask maker, apparently involved in other hoaxes, painted pictures that are a spitting image of the skunk ape with the white skunk stripe and turned up nose before the alleged photo of the skunk ape was ever taken.  Below is a painting he made before the photo was ever taken.






To view other possible hoaxes by Justin Arnold and his group of serial hoaxers select the following link.



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