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#1 SRA Andy

SRA Andy

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 08:39 PM

We'll be posting a guide, tips, tricks, and FAQs about the new forums here.  Can't figure out how to do something, check here first.  Have a question you want answered, post it in Welcome to the New SRA Forums and we'll answer you there and add the content here.


Important: Click on the pictures in the following articles to expand and enlarge them.

Don't Believe, Know.

#2 SRA Andy

SRA Andy

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 09:15 PM

Main Forum Screen


The main screen is the screen you start at in the forums.  It contains various controls and all of the forums that you can access.


Attached File  MainForum.JPG   127.06K   1 downloads





The Banner (top portion of the screen) contains many navigation tools to help you access the main components of the site.


The Right Side of the Banner contains the following features:


Attached File  Banner.JPG   17.67K   3 downloads


  • SRA Logo: Click on the SRA logo to go to the main SRA website.
  • Veiw New Content: Click on this link to view a list of forum content that has changed since you last logged into the forum.
  • Admin CP and Moderator CP: These links are for site administrators and moderators to access the forum controls.  Most of you will not see these options.
  • Forums: This link returns you to the Main Forum Screen from anywhere within the forums.
  • Members: This link displays a list of all members. You may click on a member to view the public portions of their profile.
  • Gallery: This link brings you to the gallery page.  We have not activated this feature yet.  Currently it is only available to Members, Patrons, and Researchers.
  • Chat: This link brings you into the chatroom for direct texting between users.  This is currently only available to Researchers.
  • Store: This link takes you to the SRA Store where you can purchace Memberships, Expeditions, and other items as available.
  • The White Bar (under Forums in the picture) marks which part of the forums you are currently looking at.


The Left Side of the Banner contains the following features:


Attached File  Banner2.JPG   11.02K   3 downloads


  • The Envelope: This Icon takes you into the personal messenger where you send and receive personal messages to/from other people on the forums.  A red number will appear on the Icon when you have new messages. No one but you (not even the admins) can see your personal messages.
  • Person icon: This Icon takes you to personal notifications.  At this time, this will not be active until we turn on personal "Like" notifications.
  • Your Name: Click on this to enter and manage your settings and profile.
  • Sign Out: Click on this to sign out of the forum.
  • Search Bar: Enter search terms here to find topics throughout the entire forums that you have access to. Click on the magnifying glass to start the search. Click on the Gear icon to access advanced search options.


General Forum


The General Forum is available to all Patrons, Members, Researchers, and Registered Users.  To access any of the sub forums, just click on the title.


Attached File  General Forum.JPG   28.26K   3 downloads



Member Forum


The Member Forum is available to Patrons, Paid Members, and Researchers.  This forum contains premium features for our Patron and Members' use.


Attached File  Member forum.JPG   21.7K   2 downloads



Sub-Forum Line


Inside the General and Member Forums are many sub-forums.  Each is contained on a line.  The right side of each line contains the following items:


Attached File  Forum Name.JPG   11.97K   1 downloads


  • Mark As Read Icon Attached File  Mark as read.JPG   8.2K   2 downloads: Click on this icon to gray it out indicating that you have read this forum.  When someone else adds something to the sub-forum the icon will once more be colored, letting you know that something has changed.
  • Sub-forum Title and Description: Click on the title or description to go directly into the sub-forum.  Some sub-forums have sub-forums of their own.  These are displayed with the description.  You can click on each to go to that sub-forum.

Sub-forum with sub-forums:  Attached File  Forum with SubForums.JPG   20.66K   1 downloads



The left side of Each sub-forum line contains the following items:


Attached File  Forum topics and recent.JPG   11.77K   2 downloads


  • Number of topics in the sub-forum
  • Number of replies in the sub-forum
  • A link to the most recent post in the sub-forum.  If you click on the icon of the person who made the most recent post in the topic, you will go to their profile (which you can then use to send them a message). If you click on the title of the topic you will open the topic directly.


Recent Topics


This section contains the most recent topics started on the forum.  Click on one to go to that topic.


Attached File  Recent Topics.JPG   21.96K   1 downloads



Board Statistics


At the bottom of the screen is a list of current board statistics and a list of who is currently on the forums.


Attached File  Board Stats.JPG   11.23K   1 downloads


Attached File  Whos on.JPG   17.07K   1 downloads


Don't Believe, Know.

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