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Bigfoot Outlaws Radio Boots Bear Off Show

Coonbo Bear Knapp

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 08:39 PM



Jim King, also known as Bear, half of the seasoned Sasquatch researchers duo of Coonbo and Bear, was booted off the Bigfoot Outlaws podcast by a group decision of all those involved with the podcast owned by Matthew Knapp.  Bear was notified by a message left on his cell phone that he was off the show.


Matthew Knapp created this post at the Bigfoot Outlaws Hideout facebook page:

"1. Yes, Bigfoot Outlaw Radio is my podcast, and will continue.
2. What happened with Bear is PERSONAL, and deals only with members of the Bigfoot Outlaws. It is about friendships that have been ongoing for close to 20 years. I realize that everyone wants the "dirt" but there just isn't going to be any coming from this group. It has nothing to do with bigfoot."
In the comments under Matt's post we have a bit of soap opera (you'll see what I mean by soap opera) that divulges tid bits of what is going on.  I copied the more pertinent comments.
We find this comment by Scott Dolsay 
"My biggest problem is that according to Bear, he found out by a voice message left on his cell phone, he had no idea this was coming. Seems disrespectful after all his contributions. Bear and Coonbo are the ones who went on other shows and promoted the podcast and Hideout and now he gets kicked to the curb after everything is all up and running, I'm pretty sure this group and podcast would not be where it is without him. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, I just don't like the way it seems to have been handled or explained."
Scott Dolsay "Actually Jason Odette he didn't, they left him a voicemail after the fact, he had no idea, thats what he said on his personal FB page.
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Mark Henderson Scott Dolsay 
That's exactly right Scott. Then would not take his calls or messages.
Austin English Yup. Nobody will answer his calls. He was completely blind sided. He is so confused just as we all are. Jason Odette
Jason Odette Wow.
Scott Dolsay Mark Henderson  Is it true what Blaine said, that it was a group decision, that all the Outlaws decided to boot him?
Mark Henderson That's what they are stating. I cannot believe that all the Outlaws voted yes to this decision. Maybe some descent from this decision.
Scott Dolsay Bears words: "I do know Matt and Coonbo did this all on their own.....I'll talk more once I know more.....Bear...."
This is what concerns me.
Blaine GambleGroup Moderator For you guys giving Matt a hard time, I want you to know this was a decision made by the entire group. I refuse to say what exactly happened out of respect for the situation, but this was not made lightly by anyone. It wasn't a "toss his ass out in the cold" situation. Just like he said above, this is about friendships that is almost two decades old.
Rob Childers Well Blaine Gamble matt needs to speak not you..hell I've never even heard of you..but it sounds like you are on matt knapps nutts lol
Blaine Gamble Look below and you can see him talk. He's my best friend and a neighbor so I do know a little bit.
Blaine Gamble And all you need to know about me is that I'm a moderator in this group.
Rob Childers Blaine Gamble you my sir are a douch..keep ..but you can't blow smoke up most of our asses
Blaine Gamble A douche? Really! Now, how did you come to that conclusion?
Rob Childers Cause you all up Matt Matthew Knapp
Scott Dolsay Big deal, you're a moderator, because you're Matts neighbor, thats an ego driven response, it's why you got called what you did, I wouldn't call you that as I don't know you...most of us don't, you seem pretty new here, but thats why you got called what you did, ego driven response Blaine Gamble.
Jimmy Keen Whether you believe me or not, I was told some of the reasons back in August and they were thinking about dumping him since before then. They are cowards. And it makes no sense to put on here cause they will delete it anyway.
Matthew Knapp Group Admin Jimmy Keen That's not true. I don't know where you got your information, but it was a lie. This transpired literally in the past few days.
Jimmy Keen Matthew Knapp yes it is true.
Matthew KnappGroup Admin Jimmy Keen How would you know better than me if this was ever discussed by me and my friends that I talk to on a daily basis? Tell me how it's true.
Blaine Gamble Group Moderator You stole the words out of my mouth, Matt.
Evelyn Evelyn Evelyn So you are saying Dan and Vicki were involved with making this decision?
William Workman Vicki did comment on the original post that she knew what was going on, so yes I would say they were involved
Tommye Chambler Hey do you people realize this has been put on Ham Radio. That is where I heard about it first. This won't lay down for a while.
Matthew Knapp Group Admin  You guys can talk all the shit you want. I understand. You're in the dark on it, you don't know what's going on, and it looks really bad and nefarious. I accept that. I'm still not going to air out the dirty laundry and explain publicly why things transpired as they did. If you believe that the people who have known the man for 20 years are all full of shit, and that Bear is innocent, then by all means, go join him. Nobody is stopping you or asking you to do differently. For the fans of the show and individuals who actually care what myself, Coonbo, Dan, Vicki, and others have to say, and realize that Bear was not the be all, end all of the bigfoot world, you are welcome to stay. As stated, the podcast will continue, and there is no telling what the future may hold. Right now, at this moment, this is the situation we are going through, and I respect all of you enough to let you know about it. Tomorrow it could all change.

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 10:18 PM

In another post Vicki B Fulcher wrote this.  


"What it comes down to is Coonbo and Bear. They have had their issues since the Bubba Gump deal. Its went downhill since then. Y'all figure it out,. Did I like the way things went down, no I didn't."


In episode 3 of the Bigfoot Outlaws "Bubba Gump" was referred to as an honorary Outlaw.  He's in Alabama and has helped them go through their photos for a long time.  Its not evident what issue involving Bubbba Gump caused a rift between Bear and Coonbo.


I found this comment at the SC Forum:


  • I’m close friends with bear. I’ve been in contact with him today and yesterday and so have several other people. He told me this morning that he has no idea what has happened. He missed Matt’s call and received a voicemail stating he was let go. Since then bear has tried calling Matt, Coonbo, and others back. Nobody is returning his calls. There is chaos brewing in the outlaw hideout Facebook page. Matt stated this was decided by the founding outlaws including himself, coonbo, dan rickie, and others to have him removed for “personal” reasons. Matthew will not elaborate any further than that. Bear is completely confused and not understanding why such drastic measures were taken. Everybody including myself are very very pissed off. Bear has been blocked and removed from the hideout Facebook page and has no more access to it."

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 10:00 PM

You have to love some of these names: Knapp, Bear, Coonbo, and Bubba Gump.  Great hick names.  


Here are a few things being written. 


And as the Booger Turns soap opera continues Jim King (Bear) messaged this speaking about Coonbo.

"Love to cross paths with him so he would have to look me in the eye.  I can't get him or Matt to answer their phones to explain to me why.  They both are running with their tails between their legs."


It seems problems with Bears actions, treatment of others would be the main issue he was booted.

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 09:39 AM

Matthew Knapp on 10-2-2017 responded to Scott Dolsay on facebook shedding light on why Bear was let go.


Want to dig a little deeper into personal shit that doesn't concern you? I'm $30,000 in debt due to a mortgage I took out against my home to do repairs. Bear not only is aware of this, but has even seen the bank statements. Once again, THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY! Bear has more money than he could spend. Coonbo is also living comfortably. This is about Bear treating people like crap and making the Outlaws organization look bad. Crap we've been busy sweeping under the rug for the past couple of decades, and it just built to a head. So you can tell your buddy Bear that he can keep on spreading all the lies he wants to. It's fine. The people involved, including Bear, know the truth, and know that the bottom line is Bear did this to himself.
Why don't you ask him how I had to get him to go back and delete a bunch of comments in here one night when he was calling everyone idiots and dumbasses, and saying he wasnt going to share anything ever again with them because they didnt go do the research he had assigned to them when they asked a question. Why don't you go ask Dale Boswell how Bear cussed him and treated him like dirt on the trip to Mexico. Why don't you go ask him why he was cracking jokes about "sand n******" out in my driveway in the middle of the night where my neighbors could hear it. Why don't you ask him how his response to anyone who asks him not to cuss on air or to treat the listeners and fans with respect results in him say "F*** Them!" Why don't you ask him why he wouldn't lift a finger to help out with the presentation in L.A. other than to just show up, when it was paid for entirely, all because they told him he can't be talking over Coonbo like he does on the show. Why don't you go ask him how the listeners feel when he calls them "ignorant" and talks down to them like they are children. Better yet, just go read the comments to any of the shows we've done.
Better yet, why don't you go ask him about how I'm just a fat, lazy, piece of shit, that just sits at my computer, and how I don't have the right to tell anyone about bigfoot because I haven't "left my house in 10 years". See if he mentions the fact that I have an anxiety disorder, work 7 days a week, and do everything behind the scenes for the podcast, and all he EVER did was show up and talk. Why not ask him how he's pissed off and telling me we have to do something about Coonbo because he's "stealing his thunder". Does he mention any of that? Does he mention that I tried several times to talk to him on three-way with Vicki B Fulcher to explain to him what was happening, and to ask him why he had said things behind my back to strangers? But all he would do is cuss me out and talk about how he wishes he was here to kick as my ass. Does he mention that when I was sitting there on the verge of tears asking my best friend why he would say these things about me to people, his response was "oh you poor baby", all out of rage because I had removed him from the group. I took away his spotlight. I damaged his ego. For a brief second, he was feeling what he had been making others feel for the past 20 years. Let me know if he talks about any of that, or if he was just clueless, and nobody will answer the phones cause we're all cowards. I've got physical problems. Sure. I'm overweight. Things that I'm working on. But I'm also in way better shape than Bear, and 20 years younger. Now am I a coward sitting here cowering from the big bad Bear, or am I just a hurt and confused friend, who refuses to treat him and talk about him the way he does me and everyone else. Because Bear only gives a shit about 1 thing in this world my friend, and that's Bear.

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