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Sasquatches Kill Three of Hog Hunter's Dogs


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Posted 29 August 2017 - 12:31 PM

This was posted to the Sasquatch Chronicles blog.
My dogs were dead
Posted Aug 26, 2017
A listener writes “Hey Wes I like to share one of the encounters that I had with bigfoot…I grew up on monterey county in Ca and used to hunt pigs with dogs for farmers that had a problems with the pigs coming into their fields and also on my families property which is a 900 acre ranch.
Well one Friday night I went hunting with my dogs and my girlfriend and we were on my ranch and I had turned my strike dogs loose (those are the dogs that will go and find the pigs and bark at them until I turn the other help dogs loose) well it was around midnight and my dogs had found some pigs in a big draw that I knew was gonna be bad to get into because it was thick with poison oak scrub brush and manzanitas.
So we got out and grabbed my two pit bulls and waited to see if the pig was gonna move out of the draw and run away or if they were gonna stay and fight. The pig eventually after fighting for about 5 mins started to move lower so I gave one pit to my girlfriend and I had the other and we made our way down the pig changed direction and ran up into the national forest which is the roughest terrain Ive ever hunted in so I told her there’s no way were gonna get it so we loaded up the pits and i told her to drive closer so we could try and get the other dogs back.
We parked and I made my way into the national forest to catch up to the hog and dogs and after traveling for about a half an hr I stopped to listen to see where the dogs were and looked at my gps and it told me one of my dogs was staying in one spot so i made my way there into this little clearing and it looked like a bomb went off…I could still hear a couple of my dogs barking but they were moving down the canyon and barking like they had gotten spanked by me…but when I looked at the little clearing 3 of my dogs were dead…now its not uncommon for hogs to kill dogs with their tusks but this was anything close to it…one of my dogs had its jaw ripped off, one was bent in half at the spine and the other looked like it had been smacked on rock like a rag doll…I sat there in silence for a couple mins just taking it in and crying trying to figure out WTF happened…as I was sitting there I heard a whoop…now keep in mind Ive seen the Patterson/Gimlin film but never really gave it any thought so when I heard that I was like WTF maybe its the cartels weed growers making noises to each other…after thinking about the cartel I decided to get out quick so as I was picking up one of my dogs to take back to the truck I heard a whoop from up the hill from me and from the direction I heard what sounded like a elephant coming through the brush…I dropped the dog and ran down the hill back to my truck and gf…the other dogs had shown up and were hiding under the truck and my gf said my two best dogs jumped through the open truck window and wouldn’t get out so I pull the dogs out from under the truck put them in the dog box and yelled at her to get in were out of here.
She was yelling asking what happened where are the other dogs and I told her they’re dead lets go…as she was handing me the keys the whoop happened again and i started it up turned on the lights and we watched a brown figure turn and walk into the brush back up the hill…she screamed and I was just in shock and could move for a couple seconds and finally snapped out of it and hauled ass back home which was about an hr drive the whole time she was crying asking me questions and I just couldn’t answer her.
The next day I drove back up there but stopped at my neighbors house, hes a state trapper and runs hound dogs for mountain lions and kill problem animals for the state. I told him what happened and he told me he had seen them before and goes on a lot of incidents with the fish and game but never heard of them being this close to our properties so he told me he had go up there with me to check it out.
As we got to the spot where I found my dogs 2 of them were gone the only one left was the one with the broken back and as he looked around he called out my name and I went to him and he showed me tracks that we both guessed were around 17-19 inches…I told him id seen enough and just wanted to leave so I grabbed my dog and we left.
This didn’t stop me from hunting or being out in the woods but I never hunted up there ever again and about a yr later I stopped hunting altogether because I got married and had a kid. 

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