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Researcher Attacked & Abducted by a Sasquatch Shoots It

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Posted 05 August 2017 - 03:18 AM

Coonbo and Bear of the Bigfoot Outlaws podcast discuss an incident in which researcher Dallas Gilbert is nearly abducted and killed by a sasquatch while he was setting up a microphone. Begin listening at around the 8 minute mark on the following video. 








Pioneer researcher Dallas Gilbert passed away in December of 2016.  He researched in Southern and Southeast Ohio.  Dallas and his research partner Wayne Burton were featured on their autobiographical documentary, "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie."


The Narrative


Coonbo says that Dallas Gilbert is the only person that he has personally known that has ever survived an actual physical attack by a bigfoot.  Dallas and Wayne were setting up a recorder, and Wayne (his research partner) was hanging back setting up the recording device while Dallas was stretching out a microphone cable and was hiding a microphone.  This was back in the day before there were any radio controlled stuff and anything that broadcast remotely.  It was being recorded on either a cassette tape or reel to reel.  


They had a long length of microphone cable and Dallas had gone to lay it out and check the microphone.  Wayne was back at the recorder and he heard a noise and he said he looked up just in time to see a boogger grab Dallas and twist his head, presumably to break his neck.  Dallas went limp, the boogger picked Dallas up, threw him over his shoulder, and started walking away with him.  And Wayne didn't know what to do.  The boogger hadn't gone very far when Dallas regained consciousness.  He had a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 magnum in a holster on his hip.  He drew that 44 magnum and thumb cocked it and just stuck it up against something solid and pulled the trigger up around the boogers head/neck/upper shoulder area.  The booger screams and drops Dallas and took off running.  


That incident effected him and he never was the same after that.  He went through a time of terrible trauma and shock -- pretty much PTSD.  Him and Wayne both had a tough time after that incident and it effected him for the rest of his life.  But to his credit though he kept going back out there in the field, just like getting back on a horse that just threw you, Dallas kept researching.


Coonbo was able to talk to Wayne about it several weeks after it happened, before he personally talked to Dallas about it also, and he could tell by talking to Wayne that it was an extremely traumatic event.  


Bear then added that the few times he heard Dallas talk about it he could never finish the narrative on the situation that happened.  It really traumatized him.  It really changed Dallas mentally. But nothing to the extreme.  





Comment: The impact of grabbing his head must have knocked him out and he went limp and the sasquatch thought it had successfully snapped his neck before picking him up and throwing him on its shoulder and walking off with him. Before that sasquatch hopefully died from his wound I hope he told others, or others saw what happened when he tried to abduct a human.  

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