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Sasquatch Abducts Boy and then Returns Him

abduct boy

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 01:53 PM

I just ran across this while reading facebook posts.  Typical of sasquatch abductions this boy on an Indian reservation was abducted when he was left alone.  Fortunately, In this case the sasquatch returned the boy alive.  
The conversation began on May 10, 2017.
Kuupangax Man -- can I make a comment here.. I know they take people I have one family member taken and then brought back I have a friend that had to be taken and then brought back dead I have a relative still missing the tribe still doesn't have any explanation but the tribal members do have a clue and can believe it is the work of T'se ne'me'quist Sasquatch tree people
5 ยท May 10 at 10:59am
Wanda Snow -- Wish you could elaborate more in ur story, I find ur response the most interesting! Megwetch!
May 11 at 7:06pm
Kuupangax Man -- back in July 1994 mid late afternoon two twin like brother year apart playing in the back yard at their grandmas they were a fisherman family they had lots of gear they had made a tree to tree hammock out of older fishing net they were playing soundly then the older brother went into the house to take a poop he come out after Johnny was gone ..
9-yrs-old, sent my entire family and relatives on fire the whole Rez gathered shortly after we all had guns shot guns of all sorts we spread out and waled thru the forest yelling and shooting until shortly after mid night we all reach the other end of the rez.
We all headed back to the residence to eat food as our aunties cooked up some deer meat and fed the helpers we were all sad very sad..we all went home ..In the morning some of got a call right away telling us Johnny's back they found him pinned under the dumpster crying ..johnny is a man now ..he had eight mares for months maybe even still
May 11 at 8:12pm
Kuupangax Man -- nightmares..he is a shaman now a very powerful prayer one to..his songs are beautiful he sings and drums native songs
I was asked by a professor if he could talk to him about Bigfoot he declined to.  thats why my dads Rez tell their young kids to stay in the yard and don't be alone outside and never be out past dark because of such happenings..  in the past even before I was born I guess they say
May 11 at 8:16pm
My comment on Kuupangax Man's story.  They nab people alone.  I'm inclined to think that all the tribe's members walking through the forest yelling and firing their guns caused the sasquatch to return the boy alive.
Source: Under Janet Mims' post on May 10, 2017  https://www.facebook...todd.standing.7

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