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Meldrum Describes his Sasquatch Sighting at the Sasquatch Summit 2014

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Posted 24 November 2014 - 03:59 AM

Meldrum Describes his Bigfoot Sighting at the Sasquatch Summit 2014




Transcribed by Daniel Dover


The following is a transcript of Dr. Meldrum describing the sighting he had While conducting field research with Todd Standing, Dr. John Bindernagle, and Sonya Zohar. This was transcribed from comments Dr. Meldrum made during Todd Standing’s presentation. Parts of his description were given while seated in the audience, and part of it was transcribed from a video Todd Standing showed to the audience.


Dr. Jeffery Meldrum


Todd Standing, while giving his presentation on stage, showed a video of Dr. Meldrum walking in a hunched over fashion, mimicking the bigfoot’s walk he had observed with night vision, and he asked Meldrum, who was seated in the audience, to comment on this.


Meldrum replied,


“It was a shaddowy ambiguous figure and it moved very smoothly. Well, I was impressed by two things, one was the forward lean, and the second thing was the lack of any bobbing. There was just extremely smooth and not rapid but quick, quick, movement which would suggest to me a compliant gait, you know it flexed, in fact I was trying to emulate that.” [Referring to the video of Meldrum mimicking it's walk] “It came from the general vicinity where Sonya was interacting with something, there were pops and snaps in the darkness, there was something there and then she returned to her seat. I was standing with the night vision in that direction and that’s when I saw this thing move across my field of view.” [Speaking to Todd Jeff said] “I thought, you know, I really wanted you all knowing I was going to leave before daylight the next morning; I wanted you all to really scrutinize the ground along that creek bed to see if there was anything.”


[While Standing shows a video he took the next day after Dr. Meldrum left, Meldrum discussses what he is seeing]

“Yea, that’s it, Oh my goodness, that’s it though, this grass was very illuminating, and the figure I seen — I would, I would guess the figure would be at least half again as tall as John [Bindernagle]. Yea, I picked it up right about here it seems” [referring to the video on the screen] “and lost it because there was a shadow cast across this part here. That would pretty much account for it; it certainly would.”


[Standing asked how he felt about this, referring to video of the sighting area]


“Well, it certainly further substantiates the impression of what I saw, and its interesting how, how well that lined up, and the signs that you kept there correlates, or corresponds to the apparent path of what I saw.” ['Signs' are referring to foot impressions the others found the next day] “Another thing that strikes me too is had I given you instructions” [speaking to Standing] “or given you my inclination of where to look I was going to concentrate down on the muddy parts of the creek bed, but from your reconstruction here it is very clear to me that those would not have been in the appropriate place. But seeing now from this vantage point that’s exactly it, because I remember it emerging from the spot of these trees, a shaddowy figure anyway, and losing it just right there, and had you been down on the creek it would have been invisible.”




What Dr. Meldrum is talking about is he thought he saw it closer to the creek, apparently confused on where things were in the darkness, but checking that area after daylight (after Meldrum had left) would have been incorrect. When they checked the area the next day they found tracks elsewhere, such as grass pressed down, which it turns out was the actual place Meldrum saw it, and seeing a daylight video of where tracks were found Dr. Meldrum was able to confirm that is where he saw it.


Just before the Summit Dr. Meldrum posted this on his Facebook page on Nov. 20, 2014:




The account offered on Todd Standing’s Kickstart site is accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned. Following the events that occurred last Fall in Alberta, Todd asked me not to discuss my experience extensively until he the chance to finish the production of his documentary. Therefore, I have said very little publicly and openly about it. I will let him share the details with those attending the summit or the airing of his film in Seattle the following Tuesday. I will say that I did witness and interaction, i.e. Sonya talking reassuringly to something large and heavy that was circling our camp under cover of darkness at the end of a burmed road. It reacted to her approach and eventually broke from the treeline and crossed the gravel road to the opposite treeline. I observed through night vision an upright silhouetted figure, forward-leaning, arm-swinging, moving smoothly. Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.


Standing Sasquatch Summit 2014 video 1


Standing Sasquatch Summit 2014 video 2


Standing Sasquatch Summit 2014 video 3

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SRA Andy

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Posted 03 December 2014 - 08:41 AM

Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.


It is statements like this that make me respect Dr. Meldrum.

Don't Believe, Know.

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 04:58 AM

Yes, Dr. Meldrum being a scientist couches his statements in scientific terms.  He definitely believes he saw one, but he must term it "not certain" because the species is not yet accepted by mainstream science, and he could not directly examine the creature.


What I transcribed was also posted at "Bigfoot Evidence."  Here is a link to that article.



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