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Sasquatch Snatches Lone Researcher

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 02:27 PM

This sasquatch abduction story is retold by PacWest Bigfoot.
Published July 28, 2017 by PacWest Bigfoot  http://pacwestbigfoot.com
PacWest only identifies the first names of the principle subjects.  The source of this story is Jared who uncovered the truth of his missing friend Orey after Orey's wife called Jared concerned about not hearing from her husband who went on lone camping trip.  Orey liked to study sasquatches, photographing footprtints and recording vocalizations, and carried a handgun.  
Below, beginning around the 9:30 minute mark of the video, Jared tells what he found.  This is some of what is stated on the video.
Orey left Friday afternoon after work to head up alone to a mountain in Clackamas County, nearest town Ripplebrook, Oregon.   He left a few hours before dark but he knew he could get where he was going before dark.   Orey had asked Jared to go with him, but Jared couldn't make it, but knew where he was going.
It was Sunday evening when Orey's wife called Jared, a little frantic, because usually when he gets down to an area where he can get a cell phone signal he will call her to tell her he was fine and headed back.   He never called.   So, Jared volunteered to go look for him, leaving immediately, taking only some water and a light snack thinking maybe he had had some car trouble.  
He reached the road he knew his friend planned to travel on.  It was a winding old road with cutbacks galore and eventually his large SUV would not go any further, unlike Orey's truck which was a converted small Toyota pick-up truck.  Jared got out to walk the rest of the way up this old logging road that had another one to one and a half miles left until it came to an end.  
He found Orey's little Toyota truck at the end of this old dirt logging road, which at this point was not dirt anymore as much as it was overgrown grass with recent vehicle tracks running between and under the tree limbs that hung low over it.   It was like a green tunnel with a little light at the end.  At the end it came to a large open area.   From that point on the road became a trail.  
Jared could not see Orey anywhere -- just both doors open to the truck.   The camping gear, food, tent, and everything else was still in the back of the truck.  Nothing around the place looked like anyone had camped at all, not even a fire pit.  
Jared started calling Orey's name as loud as he could but received no answer.   Jared wondered if Orey had walked off and got himself into a bind, possibly hurt himself; so, he decided to head further down the road that was now a small overgrown trail.  He called out Orey's name every minute or so as he went.  
He was about 50 or 60 yards down the trail when he spotted impressions on the ground.  Several actually as it stopped and started up again.  It looked like drag marks.  It was not until he started getting into damper, taller grass that he noticed footprint shaped impressions and could tell someone had been walking there.   He thought for a second he was on the right path to finding his friend but upon further examination the strides were rather long for a person.   Orey was not Wilt Chamberlin.  
Looking at the footprint impressions he noticed they were just to the left of the drag marks.  Something had dragged something else off down this trail, and following it further it veered off into the forest to the north.  Jared's heart began beating faster as he followed the tracks and found himself walking in the thick of trees and low lying brush.  What he found next was weird, but he knew what it was -- Warning signs.   Sasquatches make large X structures out of dead trees.   He had never seen anything like it.  There were two distinct X structures within yards of each other, and that is where the drag marks ended.   The forest floor became harder at that point, and covered with pine needles; so, tracks were not going to be found anymore.  
Impressions that large and that far apart, Jared concluded, can only be from something bipedal and large.  Jared retraced everything back again, concluding it was not a cougar and absolutely not a black bear.   He's a hunter and knows tracks.  It was either a very large person or bigfoot -- a real live dangerous bigfoot that took his friend, dragging him off into the woods.  
Jared comments that the Forest Service  can't do anything about it.  Jared concluded from his short investigation of the scene that his friend never made it through the first night.  That is also what he got from the officials who did a short investigation.    The investigation was taken over by the Federal government, and strange as it sounds, it was the EPA that took it over.   They said Orey was only there for about an hour or two before he walked off into the woods himself.  Jared's reaction to this, "He did not,"  concluding they in fact knew the drag marks were indeed drag marks and the impressions were in fact footprints of a large bipedal person or animal.  
Although none of the officials are saying a thing, as Jared believes they cannot, there was one official who told Jared not to go back up there ever, as it was dangerous.  That's all he said to Jared.   Jared states, "I believe these things are dangerous, I believe they are wild animals, and I believe they should be avoided.     My friend is a testimony to that."

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 12:35 PM

This is interesting.

SRA Kris
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Posted 31 July 2017 - 11:51 PM

Like the researcher who is missing in this story I do research alone in Oregon at times.  Early in July I spent an entire week alone, and they keep tabs on me when I'm there.  I saw one peaking at me from behind a tree in the middle of the week.  It didn't move at all while I was staring at it.  The moment I looked away it was gone and I never saw it again.  They made tree knocks really close by a few times.  One night I heard a few thuds that sounded right outside my tent.  I was listening to Coast to Coast Am and I would cut the radio down when I heard it, then after a bit turn it back up and it would happen again.  At the time it sounded like a large heavy rock had been thrown and landed on the ground.  The next day I couldn't find any rocks and I tend to believe one may have been stomping its foot on the ground.  I'm thinking I should be prepared to jump out the tent quickly and investigate if this ever repeats itself.  Its a little unnerving doing this alone though.


But I keep a gun with me.  This researcher also carried a pistol that went missing.  It sounded like he was ambushed.  From my reading the most at risk people are those alone.  Sasquatches don't tend to snatch people if they are not alone or at least separated from others.  And I've read other's speculation that sasquatches are more bold and aggressive to come closer to a lone person that two or more.

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