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Sasquatch Vs Dogs

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 01:06 AM

Sasquatch vs Dogs


May, 2017



Researcher Jeff Yelek posted this photo of a german shepherd he believes may have been killed by a sasquatch


Sasquatches often pose no threat to our dogs, but then again there is no shortage of accounts of sasquatches killing and in some cases likely eating dogs. Even though on occasion sasquatches are the known culprits in the disappearance and consumption of people’s livestock and pets, that’s not to say these creatures have a preference for our domestic animals, but rather these opportunists have, as a whole, crossed their palates with about every living thing opportunity has afforded them. So, dogs are not a regular staple, and this article is not focused on the culinary habits of sasquatches anyway, rather more precisely focused on how sasquatches and dogs relate/interact. Although sadly a major facet of that interaction is dogs, on occasion, do make the menu or are simply killed. But that is just one facet of a more intricate study of sasquatch vs dogs.




Sasquatches observe us with our dogs around homes and on forays in the forest. To what degree they grasp this symbiotic relationship is unknown, but dogs inject a different dynamic when sasquatches are trying to observe us or encroach on our property, and we can safely assume sasquatches can become encumbered and annoyed with how to handle the inquisitive dog. So, how do sasquatches view dogs? The oft stated paradigm for sasquatches and dogs is “sasquatches do not like dogs,” and generally they react adversely toward our dogs, but like most “catch all phrases” there will be exceptions.


Take for example reports of sasquatches with pet dogs. Yes! that’s an astounding claim. Albeit very few examples are extent, but if true, puts sasquatches into a more diverse convention than the beastly natures we’re more apt to saddle them with. One unusual encounter involved a mother and daughter observing a group of large dogs greeting an 8 foot tall sasquatch and then preceding to walk off with it into the woods Leader of the Pack, and in another encounter two men working a late shift observed a sasquatch with a large black dog lurking around a closed garden center.


So, are sasquatches capable of showing compassion and even having an affinity for dogs like we do with our furry friends? Here’s a tale that makes one ponder just that. One winter when a dog fell through the ice of a pond and was struggling for its life trapped in the frigid water, too far out for the distraught onlooker to reach it, in a great show of compassion and empathy a huge, hairy sasquatch, setting aside the imposition of exposing himself to the onlooker standing on the shore, ran out from the woods, grabbed the dog with its long arms, pulled it to shore, and then just as quickly disappeared back into the snowy trees. Hence, its possible sasquatches are complex creatures and just maybe even could take pets and show compassion toward dogs not unlike us. More examples would help to establish that. Bigfoot and his Pet Dog.


There is a video of a young Native American lady who encountered 3 sasquatches while riding her ATV on her reservation. One of her dogs following along with her responded to a vocalization by one of the sasquatches, going over to the sasquatch wagging its tail and laying down at its feet like it knew the sasquatch. The sasquatch then bent over and gently scratched its ear, petting it. The lady said most of the time her family kept that dog chained in the yard, and at times it would be found with animal bones it was gnawing on, but no one had any idea where the dog had got them. She suggested that particular sasquatch could have been bringing the dog animal remains as a gift. Indian Girl and Dog Meet 3 Sasquatches




But before we start getting all teary eyed at the altruistic, peacenik sasquatch playfully frolicking with puppies in a field of daisies, the greater preponderance of sasquatch/canine “interpersonal interactions” are of a negative nature. There are numerous instances of dogs cowering and refusing to venture forward when a sasquatch is present, even groups of seasoned hunting dogs in unison whimpering in fear. One speculation is dogs might be particularly susceptible to the infrasound that sasquatches can project at those they want to ward off. A few other large mammals are known to broadcast infrasound. Those are sound waves below our range of hearing that can produce varying effects including marked anxiety and fear.


In an area I research I heard about some guys hiking down a trail with their dogs when at some point along the trail the dogs flat refused to go any further. The men couldn’t do anything to make the dogs continue down the trail and they eventually had to turn back. In the movie, “The Legend of Boggy Creek,” which is a true story, their hunting dogs refused to go into the woods to track the sasquatch. This occurs at the 29:00 minute mark of the following video:



The following video interview is an epitome of worst case sasquatch and dog interactions. On it a man hunting raccoons describes how his dog encountered a sasquatch that ripped his dog into two parts. This occurred on Friday, April 21, 2017. The video interview was made by investigator Don Neal, a.k.a. Don Biggyfoot Neal, on the following Tuesday after the attack (April 25, 2017). The Witness lives in far Western Kentucky but this encounter happened in Southern Illinois just across the Ohio River from where the witness lives.



The following was transcribed from the video in the witness’s own words:


“Friday night about 8:30 – 9 o’clock it was cloudy, misting rain. I pulled the truck down here on the river. When I dropped the tailgate the dog didn’t want to come out. He’s usually right at the front of the box very, very eager to come out. I had to reach in the box and pull him. This went for about five minutes. Finally, I got him out, got my lead on him, got him on the ground, and he tried to jump back up on the tailgate. After some coaxing I finally got him to go off into the woods. He came back. I kicked him and told him he was going to hunt, and Turned my light out.

About 15 to 20 minutes into the hunt he opened up and I had never this from him before, when he opened up it was kind of a shrill bark, kind of a real high pitch, and I thought here we go we’re about to get on a coon. And about 10 to 20 seconds into that it just sounded like something grabbed a hold of it, the dog went absolutely ballistic, screaming like it was in pain — that’s the only way I can describe it. I immediately went running where the dog was, turned my light on, and I found the first quarter of him laying on the ground: (his head, right shoulder, and his leg), and about five feet away from him were his entrails spread back where his other front leg and back two legs were.

I turned my light up on high beam trying to find out what did it and I saw within 20 yards a sasquatch that I’m going to say was between 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. I did not see an eye glow at all, but it let out a very loud growl/howl. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I got scared, wet myself, and I immediately went running back to my truck.”

The investigator asks, “How tall are you Shannon?”


Answer: “I’m 6’2″, I weigh 260 pounds, and not really scared of anything, but Friday night I was terrified, absolutely terrified.”


The investigator made these comments on the Sasquatch Chronicles Fans facebook page.


I am the investigator who followed up on this report and filmed the witness. . . . We did find some possible evidence of Bigfoot activity at the location. (Tree twists, possible footprint, and during the night investigation we received 2 Howls, and 2 return tree knocks) Not bad for our 1st visit there…..IMO….. NOTE…I was accompanied by a very experienced and knowledgeable fellow researcher from the BFRO who has many years experience and he heard some things he had never heard before. ….the event happened on a Friday, I could not get to the location until Tuesday night as I have a full time career. During that 5 day period we received a flooding rain of 2 1/2 inches. The river bank where this event took place rose several feet. That there was no remains of the dog is very big let down, but I fully understand why it could have been gone by then. Plus add in Nature, scavenger birds, coyotes, bob cats, Etc. Believe me, no one was more let down that there was no dog remains. :…. here in Kentucky many of us Coon Hunt. I have done so more times than I can count. We do not always stay on our Dogs heels. (especially if they are good hunting dogs) You wait and listen to them trail the coon, and then go to them when they Tree the coon. Very typical coon hunter behavior. I hope this helps explain the situation a little better. 




Under the video we find this comment by Don Biggyfoot Neal:


It was dark and late at night, but he did shine his wheat light directly at it. The creature was about 20 yards away. The witness continues to say he never saw any eye shine. We surmise that the creature must have had its eyes closed from the bright light in its face (very reasonable assumption) The witness did say it was covered in dark brownish-red hair and even over most of its face. He remembers that only the nose and eye area was void of hair. He did not see any other distinct facial features due to distance and darkness.


The witness made an additional video showing the location where he found his dog and where he saw the sasquatch. Here is a link to that video:  https://www.youtube....h?v=-wKqo48p6NU


Not included in Don “Biggyfoot” Neal’s summation of what may have happened to the remains is the sasquatch could have taken it. The hunter immediately ran toward his dog’s screams, and the sasquatch backed off a bit, but didn’t attempt to leave, but rather screamed at the hunter causing him to run away in fear. The sasquatch may have been eying his meal laying there on the ground which he eagerly collected up after the hunter ran off. Sasquatches have even been known to make off with hunter’s deer and elk kills. In the early 70’s the news media was brimming with sightings of MoMo (the Missouri Monster) including two young brothers who saw it carrying away their bloody dog under its arm, and a farmer also noted his dog disappeared at that time too MoMo Monster.




Generally speaking most researchers frown on bringing dogs on their expeditions since it might deter sasquatches from coming around and the unlucky dog that goes up to one might get killed. Most all those leading group expeditions forbid dogs. However, some claim success while researching with dogs, like Nathan Reo. He’s seen several, even close by, while having his dogs with him. Something to consider in Reo’s case is his dogs are not aggressive/threatening dogs, and therein may be something to consider/learn about how sasquatches react to dogs. The threatening dog that goes after a sasquatch will surely die, but maybe they have the wisdom to differentiate a threatening dog from one that is not.


Here’s an example of what happens to a perceived canine threat. A man in Oklahoma thought a bear was rummaging through the garbage so he opened the door and sicked his watch dogs on it, and these german shepherds went flying out of there and the first one was in the air, flying towards this creature, when the sasquatch stood up and caught that dog in the air and twisted him around, braking his back, to where his front legs were facing one way and the back legs the other, and threw it on top of the house. It grabbed the other dog, twisted it’s neck around killing it instantly, and threw it across the deck in which it slid off the other end of and out into the side yard. The family closed the door, shut off all the lights, and hid in the house with rifles Sasquatch Kills Two German Shepherds.


In a more recent encounter, a dog got loose and went after a sasquatch walking next to a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. The sasquatch grabbed the dog as it tried to bite its leg and then literally with two hands it tore the dog’s head completely off. The lady watching out her window screamed in horror Alaskan Sasquatch Tears Dog’s Head Off.


So, the aggressive dog that is perceived as a threat is at the greatest risk. Sasquatches might be more intelligent and understanding than we realize, and know which dogs pose a threat and which ones do not. But one thing we know about sasquatch behavior is its not always predictable and a lot might lie with the individual sasquatch. Some will make a meal of our cats and dogs; some are not as geared toward that. Some may be more friendly with our pets whereas others might intensely dislike dogs, and so we cannot package them neatly to where we always know the outcome. The man in the famous 911 call that was looking at a sasquatch in his yard said something had killed his dog recently. Was that to shut it up? But what about the dog chained in the yard that a sasquatch might have given food gifts to; was that to befriend the dog so it would shut up and not bark when it came to rummage through their garbage? Who can figure the sasquatch?

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