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Scientist John Mionczynski describes his Encounter 1972


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Posted 18 April 2017 - 03:07 AM

Biologist/Conservationist John Mionczynski is a prominent scientist in the sasquatch community who has been studying them from 1972 till present.
Beginning at the 16:30 minute mark of the following documentary, "Giant Prehistoric Apes of South East Asia," John Mionczynski describes an encounter he had in North America.
Wildlife biologist/conservationist John Mionczynski describes his encounter that made him accept the reality of sasquatch's existence and set him on course as one of a handful of scientists studying sasquatches.
In the Summer of 1972 he was studying bighorn sheep in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains on a solo camping trip.  He was anticipating he might get a bear and sure enough he thought he had a bear sticking its nose up against the Nylon fabric of his tent one night.  Knowing that bears were afraid of humans and surprises he took his hand and whacked what he thought was its nose with the back of his fingers.
But then it came back again, doing the same thing, pushing what he perceived to be its nose against the tent so he whacked it again but it was really hard this time and he thinks he fit a knee cap.  It came back a third time, and this time its shadow went over the top of his 6 foot tall tent.  He pulled his hand gun out, still thinking he might be dealing with a bear, but then another shadow came over his tent in the shape of a human hand, definitely not a bear paw, and it was 2 to 3 times larger than his own hand.  
He crawled out his tent and built a fire, and he could hear it breathing around 40 feet away.  He built the fire to give him some light so he could see it coming in the fire light.  As he sat there a bit he began to nod off but was awakened by something hitting the ground.   Then he heard the sound again and it was pine cones.  For the next 45 minutes to an hour it kept throwing these pine cones.  And this convinced Mionczynski this was not a bear.
Additional not on the video.  
Mionczynski kept this encounter mostly to himself for a couple of decades even as he was trying to gather and collect evidence of its existence.  While working for Wyoming Game and Fish he took some hair and skin samples from possible sasquatch to the agency's lab for analysis, but an irate superior threatened to fire him if he ever publicly associated himself with "this bigfoot thing."
It was in the late 1990's that he met Idaho State University primatologist Dr. Jeffery Meldrum.  The two traveled around together collecting data and interviewing hundreds of people who had experienced sasquatch encounters.  He's worked full time on studying sasquatches but has had to slow down in recent years due to emphysema.

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