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Sasquatch Filmed in Spartansburg, PA Woods

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 03:50 PM

Donald Slovey writes, "My fiance and I filming a bigfoot walking and pacing back and forth in Spartansburg PA Woods ."


It was filmed on a cell phone and lacks quality.  Nathan Reo vouches for this couple, whom he says he knows and has seen a number of footprint casts they've made in the past.








#2 MN Jim

MN Jim


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Posted 25 March 2017 - 07:11 PM

My daughter pointed out 2 odd things.
1, BF is pacing back and forth, as if trying to be seen. Every other video, BF is running away.
2, although the girl keeps talking, you never hear a response from the guy. Never. Where is he? In the suit?

#3 jayjeti



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Posted 26 March 2017 - 07:21 PM

I've seen the same two criticisms elsewhere, and even saw Mr. Slovey answering the criticism of why she was speaking and he wasn't.  


I wouldn't be talking while the sasquatch was walking either, but I've been around a person who couldn't shut up when sasquatches were moving around our camp.  He got into a nervous chatter.  He had me walk with him to show him where a latrine was I had built and he was just talking away, and I actually heard a sasquatch say something (not a call) while he was talking and I finally told him to "Shut up."


She's engaging in nervous chatter.  I wouldn't have been talking either.  He says he was trying to calm her down, I'm not sure in what way.  


As far as the sasquatch not running off, as SRA Andy has commented elsewhere in this forum, sometimes they behave as if they want to be seen.  


Nathan Reo vouches for these people, claiming he knows them and they've cast lots of footprints.  What I don't like is they didn't make any attempt to measure it as far as I know.  It walked right past some trees.  It would help confirm it if they took measurements.  Also, the camera cut off with it in full view.  In this case I think the lady may have gotten scared and cut off the video.  But I don't know, and I'm often skeptical when videos stop with the creature in full view, although I might could see it if she was scared since the sasquatch came back to the path they were on.


They are typical of a lot of people who do amateur research.  They didn't measure anything.  Their video camera is a cell phone,  which can be okay up close, but when recording something at a distance cell phones are often bad video, like this one.  

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